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Patentes / Patents

Publicaciones / Papers

- Graphene quantum dots/NiTi layered double hydroxide heterojunction as a highly efficient De-NOx photocatalyst with long persistent post-illumination action; 

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 322 (2023) 12211

- 2D/2D NiTi-LDH/BiOBr photocatalyst with extraordinary NOx removal under visible light;  

Chemical Engineering Journal  470 (2023) 144088

- Implementing the use of layered double hydroxides as photocatalytic additive for DeNOx building mortars: ZnCr-CO3 a case of study;

Construction and Building Materials 394 (2023) 132241

Facile synthesis of visible-responsive photocatalytic Eu-doped layered double hydroxide for selective removal of NOx pollutant

Chemical Engineering Journal  471 (2023) 144464

Dual function of ultra-laminated hydrotalcite in environmental remediation: Adsorption of water contaminant BP-4 and reutilization of the adsorption product for photocatalytic NOx air decontamination

Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 12 (2024) 111709

- Designing a NiFe-LDH/MnO2 heterojunction to improve the photocatalytic activity for NOx removal under visible light

Chemical Engineering Journal 489 (2024) 151241

Comunicaciones / Communications

International Symposium on Synthesis and Catalysis 2023 (Évora- Portugal) (Septiembre- 2023) 

- Improved NOx removal by visible light photocatalysis trough ZnAlEu layered double hydroxides

Science for Sustainable Development - Seminar (Padova - Italia) (Mayo - 2023) 

New Insights into the Modulation of Layered Double Hydroxides for Photocatalytic Air Purification

XI Congreso científico de Personal Investigador en Formación (PIF) de la Universidad de Córdoba (Mayo - 2023) 

-   Hidroxidos dobles laminares MgAlTi- CrO4 como fotocatalizadores para la eliminación de gases NOx bajo luz visible

Photocatalysis for Energy and Clean Environment (Octubre -2022) 

- Modulation of Layered Double Hydroxides for photocatalytic air purification

VII Jornadas Ibéricas de Fotoquímica; GRUFO-RSEQ (Septiembre-2022) 

- Photofunctional Europium-Layered Double Hydroxides for efficient nitrogen oxides removal

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